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Steve Klimek

Steve Klimek is a true ‘Coin Guy’ and a pioneer of coins on television. He has been a mainstay in the industry for almost 4 decades! A collector himself and a numismatist at heart, Steve’s first collectible coins came from his route as a Paper Boy in the 60s. He would search the change he was given and placed the Silver Dimes into his Whitman albums and cans. He eventually sold some of his Mercury Dime collection and used the proceeds to buy himself his first car!

Since that day, he has had an uncanny knack for numismatics and has followed his passion to become the #1 coin specialist on TV today.

Steve was one of the very first Television coin experts, originally airing back in 1991. He holds the distinction of being one of the few who introduced coins to a TV audience – and he is still doing it today. When it comes to the coins, he has an almost unrivaled knowledge of value, the history surrounding that coin, and most importantly: why you need to have it in your collection.

When he’s not on air, he loves to watch football and support his two hometown teams: The Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers. A Green Bay, Wisconsin Native Steve bleeds Green and Gold and certainly loves to “Jump Around” every Saturday with Bucky Badger. You’ll typically find him spending time with his loving wife, two sons, grandson, and Ryder the family dog; he loves nothing more than watching WWII documentaries with his furry friend when he can find some down time. If you are lucky enough to run into him at one of the many coin shows he frequents across the country, you will find a man who simply loves three things: People, history, and coins.

Allison Lynch

While Allison is our newest television co-host, she’s no stranger to the world of numismatics. In 1999, Allison started working in coins as a graphic designer fresh out of college. She has grown up in the industry, later obtaining her MBA, and has become an integral part of our company as well as the first woman on-air in numismatics.

Allison specializes in product development and packaging. Despite her extensive knowledge on classic coins, like Morgan and Peace Dollars, she is an expert on modern releases. As someone with a keen eye for design, her favorite coins to work with are the World Silver coins. She works closely with the world Mints such as New Zealand, CIT and Pobjoy. With the integration of modern technology like smart minting in the coin industry, she is excited to bring to you the hottest new releases from around the world.

Out of the office, you’ll find Allison spending time with her two kids. As a native New Jerseyian, this means frequent family trips to The Shore’s many beaches and spending lots of time outdoors! She also loves traveling and is passionate about health and fitness. One of her favorite hobbies is teaching Jazzercise... so don’t be surprised if she shows her “jazz hands” on TV!



“The show is perfect the way it is. Don’t change a thing!” – Russell J.

“Between the prices, hosts, and information provided, you’re the best on the air.” – Kenneth E.

“Competitive pricing, great variety, and you don’t over hype the coins.” – Linn E.

“I like everything about the show.” – David S.

“I like learning about each coin’s history. Steve and Allison are the best!” - Rupert B.

“You have a great variety of offerings, I specifically like your Morgans and early cents.” – Robert W

“Steve’s personality is so fun, and I learn a lot of history.” - Anna E.

“I like everything about the show, I’ve stopped watching your competition”. – Gary L.

“Steve and Allison are so honest and sincere. You can tell how much they really love coin collecting.” – David R.

“Fun to watch and the prices are reasonable. A good history lesson with each show.” - Ralph B.

“Great mix of vintage as well as new coins. I tune in for Steve’s stories.” – Will M.

“You’re intelligent and know your coins. You move through them at a good pace. Allison is delightful!” – Don H.

“I love the quality of your coins and that Allison brings a smile to the show.” – Frank V.

“Good prices, professionalism, and honesty. What more can I ask for?” – Sidney L.

“Your prices beat the competition. Period.” – John P.

“Allison is cute, does a great job, and you both are very knowledgeable.” – Rich W.

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