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About Us

At AVC we were founded with one principle; bringing our viewing audience the best quality and the best value anywhere. With AVC you will be buying history and Americana from all around the US or even from around the world. From our collectible coins to antiques and estate sales to the fine art auctions, you are brought the best the industry has to offer. With every purchase you are sure to get a piece of history for your very own.

All of our hosts bring their decades of hosting experience, expertise and knowledge. With each piece sold, every customer is getting their own piece of history. They share their knowledge and insight with world renowned works and the history behind it all. The hosts' broad expertise and knowledge is all shared with you with every item that comes on screen. We give viewers a fun and friendly interactive experience with each show

You can catch it all, join in the fun and share the experience with us and our family 7 days a week! Please check our show schedule here.



“The show is perfect the way it is. Don’t change a thing!” – Russell J.

“Between the prices, hosts, and information provided, you’re the best on the air.” – Kenneth E.

“Competitive pricing, great variety, and you don’t over hype the coins.” – Linn E.

“I like everything about the show.” – David S.

“I like learning about each coin’s history. Steve and Allison are the best!” - Rupert B.

“You have a great variety of offerings, I specifically like your Morgans and early cents.” – Robert W

“Steve’s personality is so fun, and I learn a lot of history.” - Anna E.

“I like everything about the show, I’ve stopped watching your competition”. – Gary L.

“Steve and Allison are so honest and sincere. You can tell how much they really love coin collecting.” – David R.

“Fun to watch and the prices are reasonable. A good history lesson with each show.” - Ralph B.

“Great mix of vintage as well as new coins. I tune in for Steve’s stories.” – Will M.

“You’re intelligent and know your coins. You move through them at a good pace. Allison is delightful!” – Don H.

“I love the quality of your coins and that Allison brings a smile to the show.” – Frank V.

“Good prices, professionalism, and honesty. What more can I ask for?” – Sidney L.

“Your prices beat the competition. Period.” – John P.

“Allison is cute, does a great job, and you both are very knowledgeable.” – Rich W.

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